sex is ok, but it’s no substitute for the real thing!


Hi everyone – welcome to – the site for all you frantic fappers out there to collect, collate and collaborate on your favorite turn on’s from across the web and beyond…
For some reason masturbation it is never talked about but it is something we all do and love – it’s time we brought masturbation out into the open and celebrated it as a universal human instinct; here to be enjoyed.
No one knows what turns you on better than you yourself – right?
No one knows how many people also find what you like to be turn on also – right?

so – masturbators of the world unite!

It’s time we all got together and started sharing what really turns us all on – so please set up your account and start gathering and sharing the pics, videos and gifs that get you off.


  • Once you have confirmed your free account you will be able to either upload images directly from your own computer or ‘pin’ any picture, gif or video that you come across on the web that is available for sharing.
  • We ask that you do this by installing the discrete pinning ‘button’ to your browser bookmarks. This means that when you save something to your account a link is generated back to the original producer of the image so that they get the appropriate credit.
  • Once you have added your image you will be able to organise it onto a board of your own devising and put it in a suitable category to aid the searches of your fellow masturbators.
  • Please also search on the site for everyone else’s collections and ‘rate’, comment and re-pin your favourite content of theirs. As you go through you will also be able to see related pins which will have the benefit of also broadening your masturbating horizons!

keep tissues handy at all times!


Having said all that – we should also point out that is supposed to be a fun and lighthearted look at our sexuality; to that end please do not upload or pin anything illegal. In particular, nothing to do with underage children, animals or violence. Any such images will be removed immediately and the perpetrators account terminated. Please also do not upload or pin anything that you do not have the rights to pin or upload (see Terms & Conditions) – that will also be removed immediately and the perpetrators account terminated.

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